• Renee

Six Years

Updated: Oct 14

This entry came from a place of frustration over a relationship that affects me continuously, even years after its over.

The lingering fear that I will be in that place again is something I do not think will ever go away.

I am married now to an amazing man and we have an amazing daughter together but one minor thing triggers me and I am back in that bad relationship. How can that still be possible after all of this time?

Six years.

Four years of an abusive relationship.

Three years of counseling to try and undo the damage that was done.

Six years since the day I left and still, it affects me almost daily.

How frustrating.

You do everything you can to live the life you want and something that someone did to you prevents that from happening. I am Happy, I am Healthy, but I am still not Whole. I need God daily. I need Him to remind me of who I am so I do not get caught up in who I was or rather, who someone told me I was. Despite it all, I am thankful for this life, for the family I have grown, and for a God who walks with me everyday.

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